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Everything just for fun and have fun,nothing special in here .I am just newbe person in this world special in cyber world .I am just keep try keep browse,keep fighting,to get some knowledge is can save my self and my life from this world broke.All of my knowledge i am share in here thought my Network . And in my knowledge share nothing special too,just keep share for other people and try to make some money from this world right now and forever time.May be i am not the first but I will try to make something different of them.And IT"S NOT GAME FOR ME BUT IT"S THE REAL JOB. Special Thanks to: Tuhan Yang Maha Esa|My mom|My father|My big brother|my Family|my someone|and u too..| thanks to my cyber friend : Eror-code|Mr morellow|Devil-code|Chilz-Aceh|Sohai|Rivall|Galang Saputra|Pakde|Holonk|Bilgate|Rieco-sempit|Boimbelle|Newbe-Herbet|Abiyanyobe|Abhelink|sunggulsihotang|fauzan beincrieble|Ajri-fajri|Yuan-Kharista|Gun-hitory666|and u.....|

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fiskia5-3 ------------------------[H][E][L][C][O][M][E] [W][O][R][L][D]-------------------------- My Real Name:Dedikorn A.K.A Save Mode On Off My Underground Nick Name:Fiskianewbe


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